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GINGER ROOT - Spice of Zara
  • GINGER ROOT - Spice of Zara
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Whole Ginger. Spicier and less pungent than it's fresher counterpart because of its concentration. It is aromatic and adds the zesty taste found in Asian stir fries. It is also the base of many Asian and Indian cuisines, alongside oil and garlic, and sometimes onions. Ginger Root can be grated, cut or can be thrown whole into a stock or stew, so the flavours are released slowly while cooking. Fresh and dried ginger can be used interchangeably (with a ratio 6 to 1) with some dishes, although they each have their unique aroma, with fresh ginger being slightly mellower in spiciness. It is also a tea.

A rhizome or root of a flowering plant. This is among the most popular spices in the world. It is a spice rack staple. Ginger is native to southern China but it eventually made its way to the Spice Islands, and then other parts of Asia, West Africa and the Caribbean. It was brought to Europe from India during the spice trade. India remains the main producer and exporter of ginger.

Ginger is classified as a "super spice" for its long list of benefits. Most well known for its ability to sooth nausea and; stomach pain, it boasts a lot more benefits. It releases throat and nose congestion. It is an anti-inflammatory. It helps reduce flatulence. It clears up micro-circulatory channels. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is also an aphrodisiac.