Welcome to the 21st Century Spice Route

  • Where can we connect with you?

    We love connecting with our customers. Feel free to tweet us @SpiceofZara or to ask questions or use hashtag #SpiceofZara. You can also visit our Contact Us page here.

  • Where do you source your spices?

    Our sister company, Zara Baladi Food Products, is a wholesaler and distributor of spice in Canada. At Spice of Zara, we source our spices from various trusted brands in the Ontario area. Many of our spices including Osfor-A-Saffron and Mustard Seed are sourced right here in Canada. We also blend and grind our own spices to maintain the aroma and unique flavours.

  • I can't find a spice I really love on your site, do you take custom orders?

    We love learning about new spices, for this reason, we do consider custom orders. E-mail us the name of your coveted spice and we will use our spice tricks to try and recreate it for you!

  • Can we visit you in-store?

    If you are in the Ontario GTA area and would like to make a large purchase, we do welcome you to come into our office warehouse. Note: We do not facilitate orders less than $250.00 from our office warehouse.

  • Why differentiates you from other spice sellers online?

    Working with Zara Baladi gives us fast turnover on all of our spices. This allows us to maintain a low cost for you and also, more importantly to maintain the natural flavours and aroma of the spice. We also specialize in Middle-Eastern spices, including our famous Chicken Shawarma Spice, Shawarma Spice and Falafel Mix.

  • What do you guarantee with delivery?

    Learn more about The Spice of Zara Guarantee here. If we don't meet the standards promised, check out our return policy under Policies below.

  • Can you guarantee no nuts in your spices?

    At this time Spice of Zara can make no guarantees in regards to allergens in our spice products. Spice of Zara is working to be able to have a nut-free factory division. Keep posted on the News category of our blog for more information. 

  • Can you guarantee gluten free spices?

    Although we can assure you that whole spices have no gluten, we cannot guarantee that there are no trace amounts of gluten in our spices.

  • Do your products contain artificial preservatives or other additives such as MSG?

    We do not add any artificial preservatives or additives to the spices we source. Spices make amazing preservatives themselves and have a very long shelf life. If there any extra ingredients in a spice blend, you will find it on the label. Note: Some blends do contain salt and MSG, all such ingredients can be found on the label.

  • Are you certified Fair Trade?

    No, we are not yet certified Fair Trade. We maintain a standard of fairness with all the vendors we source spice from. Although, a Fair Trade certification may be something we look into, in the future.

  • Do you develop all of your own recipes?

    Our spice blends are our very own signature family recipes. The recipes from our Spice of Zara Blog sources inspiration from the world wide web and from our recipe and cookbook collection. Spice of Zara does ensure recipe attribution to the original developer.

  • Do you produce all your own images?

    The majority of blog posts images are our own, although we do use some images from online.

  • What is the Spice Z Club?

    Stay posted for updates! The Spice Z Club is a subscription spice service. 

  • What are the best storage methods for spice?

    Check out this blog post about Spice Storage

  • Can I be a blog contributor?

    Yes, we are always interested in collaboration. It is the exchange and sharing of information where true insight lay. If you would like to be a part of the team, please contact us below letting us know of your name, your interests and any ideas you have for the blog.

  • Are you hiring?

    We might be! If you are looking to be part of the team, please contact us below with your Cover Letter & Resume (or any other method, we welcome creativity) and we will get right back to you regarding possible opportunities.
  • T: 1-647-686-0806
    E: spiceofzara@gmail.com